A Decade of my life-10 A Golden leash with Diamonds & A leap of faith.

Sometimes it takes more than what you have in you to come out of the storm that in a way you created, For you. There is a theory in science that in every 7 years each cell of your body gets replaced by a new one and you basically are not the same person that you were 7 years back and trust me it should happen.

I am glad that it happened and that it is happening at this very moment because normally when nature decides to replace something it actually upgrades it.

Leap of Faith:-

I find it funny now when i hear that there is something called a Promise Ring also, because mine offered actually none. It some times sounds like a journal of a sarcastic witch, but then at the same time I find it hilarious because now i can say,”Joke, based on real life event and yes now I can laugh on it.

It took a lot of time to realize but when finally the curtains dropped down I found me among people who actually did not want me around. In a way I also admire the strategy behind it all , Trust me well played. Now let me tell you How.

Between everything that was being said by Poornima, everything that was not being said by our would be mother in law, I started to shatter from inside out. I made a mistake or may be was rewarded for my brilliant decision, and because I am such a strong woman that I took a stand for almost everything that I loved or wanted or Believed in , I found my self alone in the end.

And then I decided to correct my brilliant decision and took a leap. I could see my entire life in front of me and I knew there is no one who can save me from my decision but me. I knew no one will ever listen to me if anything goes wrong in that relationship and why will they. So when you know that no one expects anything good out of you , you start acting to there expectations and this was my time to fulfill everyone’s desire about this relation ship. I knew whatever happens from here positive or negative, ill be the only one managing it, So why not to do something that I won’t regret and till this date I DON’T. Before leaving from my hometown I had no idea of this complicated world and its words that actually have no meaning, Now after these amazing experiences, I learnt a lot. I had faith in me that what I am about to do is actually right and I won’t look back once I take a leap towards the other end of this cliff and I jumped.

A golden Leash with Diamonds:-

This is about to be more funny but in every business, basically every contract or agreement that you ever enter in, you give a Token to the seller as promise that seller can start manufacturing your product to deliver to you. Some times if a seller does not get the right value of the work, dedication and the time put in manufacturing, Seller return the Token and the deal is off. Some times you have to call a few deals off.

“Till this moment I was able to come to my senses, not completely but the appropriate amount to realize that the war i am fighting is not worth fighting for”. Me being in any of these situations had a reason, they saying & doing this all to me also had a reason,But the only thing that was happening for no reason was me being there.

It takes a lot of courage to actually finish something that you tried to build with so much conviction and hard work, but trust me I did not struggle at all after waking up from my self imposed slumber, and tore the page out of my life that was not meant to be written at first place.

Manjari arranged a meeting with Samay at a crossroad between his house and her own, reached there and now they both were looking at each other on that crossroad, between honks and buzzers of vehicles around. There was not much to talk about between them so she just extended her hand towards Samay and asked her to get the ring out of her fingers, Samay extended his hands to remove the ring because till this moment he also have realized, she wont fight for him any more. The ring stuck in between her finger for a few seconds while Samay was removing it, and that hurt.

Once the ring got out of her hand, she just turned her face away and got free from that Golden leash with Diamond.

And that is all she wrote and that is how she decided to live again from scratch, till this moment she lost her family, her mother, her love but the best part was that now she knew what all she was capable of.



Moon light

Once in every month when the sky is filled with the moonlight

I see my dreams coming true and the future seems bright.

I pray to goddess of moon to bless us all and have a clear sight

May God bless us all with courage and strength because it’s about justice and we will fight.



How an Explainer video can help your business.


Do you wonder how to explain all your services to the audience in 1 minute?

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If I just mention ,”Red Bull” You can see the man flying with wings without the advertisement playing on your screen.

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Benefits of coffee on Skin.

So are you also in love with the indulging aroma of coffee?
Well if you are you will love this product for sure.
Do you know that applying coffee to the skin is highly beneficial in terms of reducing the appearance of cellulite and help the blood flow for radiant skin?


  • Coffee scrub on the face and body helps to exfoliate and it is also soft on the skin.
  • Applying a Coffee mask for 15-20 minutes thrice a week can bless you with a radiant and glowing complexion.
  • A soft rub of mild coffee grounds around the eyes helps you to get rid of puffy eyes.
  • A coffee hair mask not only enhance the texture but also improves the thickness and health of your hair.

How to make Coffee Mask at home:-

You do not need much along with coffee to get it started doing magic on your skin-

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of coffee with half a cup of yoghurt and mix it well for Radiant skin.
  • Milk and coffee grounds mixed with sugar is an amazing homemade face and body scrub.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey with lemon and 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds for skin brightening face mask.



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A Healthy Drink.

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Watch “How to pose for screenshots.” on YouTube


So do you also sometimes wish there was someone to capture a few moments, just after you got all dressed up.
Those few initial minutes when you just admire your choice and love looking at you in the mirror.

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Watch “Mehndi design and poses for Teej” on YouTube

India is a country with many religions and beliefs and together we have many festivals though out the year.
one of those festival is Teej.
It is celebrated to welcome the monsoon and is celebrated by women and girls.


Family members feed sweets to the bride and bless her for the future.
Brides wear the jewellary made of fresh flowers and dressed like a bride to celebrate the beginning of their lives.

Newly wed brides are welcomed in house by all the relatives and are showered by their blessings.

My Favourite WEB/TV Shows.

I know by the title we all of it many of you will jump on to the answer, "FRIENDS " which is not entirely incorrect.  I was introduced to this show by a friend and now even when that friend is not in touch anymore, I feel the presence because that friend made sure I am never alone again. 
Yes!FRIENDS is one of my favourite shows but if and whenever I have to name just one of them, it has to be,"How I Met Your Mother".

I have watched many shows and web series since the first episode of HIMYM however, I have never come across something so beautiful and diabolical. The sensitivity that Ted shows while reciting the love saga of his own to his kids, is so hilarious when he explains the adult stuff as Cigarettes to Sandwich.

Ted for me has always been a guy who is a woman also and actually, that is a key concern for both the leading characters that Robin is a girl who is a man also and that is where it all messed up for a few years.

It was so beautiful when at the end finally the Mosby Kids, enlighten Ted of something that was always in the spotlight just that it was too much in focus that the easiest way to handle that all was to close eyes for something that is shining so brightly that it blinded him for years.

I can talk about the characters of ally favourite shows without stopping for a breath but when it comes to Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson, it is just silence. I will pick up the Barney stuff some other day like today it was about this amazing guy and his quest for the love that was with him all along.

Any HIMYM fans here?
If yes, let me know in the comments if you agree.
Take care of yourself and don't wait up because life is," Legendary".

Watch “Self Portrait Ideas. Poses with Sky.” on YouTube

It was lovely weather that day. A little windy but do you see the sky and the shades of blue.
I enjoyed a lot while recording this one.
let me know when you try to click pictures with sky.

Watch “Indoor Photography ideas” on YouTube

How are you doing!I hope that the Sunday morning gave you the opportunity to have that one hour of extra sleep that we miss entire week.
Let's be honest,No matter how strictly you make aplan to sleep half of your Sunday out, It gets so tough to sleep above just one extra hour.

I like my sunday to be involved in a few activities that I get a very little time for generally. It feels good to know,"Okay so I could do this also!"
I love it when I surprise me with some thing that I didnt belive I could achive.

I want to share a few flatlay clicks that I feel you might like and Inspire you to do something today that you didn’t in a long time.

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