A Decade of my life-10 A Golden leash with Diamonds & A leap of faith.

Sometimes it takes more than what you have in you to come out of the storm that in a way you created, For you. There is a theory in science that in every 7 years each cell of your body gets replaced by a new one and you basically are not the same person that... Continue Reading →

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Moon light

Once in every month when the sky is filled with the moonlight I see my dreams coming true and the future seems bright. I pray to goddess of moon to bless us all and have a clear sight May God bless us all with courage and strength because it's about justice and we will fight.... Continue Reading →

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Isn’t she beautiful??

As I mentioned before,I am into product photography and today I want my WordPress family to know about my Instagram family. I'll be obliged to work with new brands and products. I want to pursue it as a profession,which I sometime regret also. I took too much time in realizing that I am good at... Continue Reading →

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