Moon light

Once in every month when the sky is filled with the moonlight

I see my dreams coming true and the future seems bright.

I pray to goddess of moon to bless us all and have a clear sight

May God bless us all with courage and strength because it’s about justice and we will fight.



Closed Doors

When I was a kid I always had a curiosity to check what is behind every closed doors, I wanted to know what’s there because the world was new for me.

Then that kid grew young and saw a lot of doors closing on her face, some times even decided to shut some of them close on her own to stay safe..

To be happy with others, first feel happy within you…

Have an awesome day ahead ❣️🌻✍️

Nature photography
After a long road when you get a diversion, understand it’s your time to decide if you want to choose a new path or continue with the same. It’s your life, other’s can only guide. Be the sailor of your ship🚢.



A Decade of my life (Baggage🎒 and a haunting ghost👻)

As they all left after the day that I counted as the happiest day of my life, started to change the weather from cozy winter to burning summer. Time heals all the wounds that is as true as that the sun rises in the east but there is a word History” that we all know about and that it self says that with time Sahara changed from greenery to sand and may be there is an expiry date of each diamond and may be it might again go back to just a coal. No one know when the circle starts of where it ended, except the one who walked through it.


For a couple of days I was happy that I reached half way of my love story and this one was most important one as it meant a beginning so the engagement day till now was an achievement of life,but as the days passed by December got more cold and froze me to my teeth. I was not aware that I unknowingly became responsible towards a lot many people than only me and was answerable for everything and that too every time.

To handle family drama I had to take off from job which was not possible for a month so I chose to quit my job before my engagement and now I had to pay rent and that installment of personal loan from a personal lender,daily expenses, grocery and other normal daily life stuff.

I was unaware of a few more things that will come as I proceed because numbering them at once will lead you to judge instantly but I want you you figure it out on your own.

As days passed by while I was trying to figure out what to do about my out of hands expenses and limited income,I heard a good news of one of Samay’s cousin was getting married and this one changed my life. I first time realized the importance of a family around my in-laws as they got started with their rituals and customs, I realized I got my self into a trouble that I can complaint to no one now. Every other ceremony was leading towards a thunder of frustration. On each gathering I had to get a new dress that should be fit in to the,”Presentable”category, then the financial offerings that I had to give to some family members each time we meet was something I was not sure will be in my pocket capacity.

May be even Samay’s family had realized it till now because their reactions were changing on the very same thing that was one a reason to be proud of me and now they have become taunts and that too on others!

I tried to skip on of the ceremonies and told Poornima my real reason ,”it’s costing me to much and I do not have a family support system that I can offered new dress or other essentials to be there”.I confined in her but I was not aware that it is about to back fire. I have no idea what led to what and suddenly I was not able to contact Poornima because she blocked my number on Varun’s advice.

Haunting Ghost👻

Finally I got to know about the reason of getting blocked. Samay told me that Porrnima’s parents started to ask her questions when she started telling them the list of items that she wanted them to gift to her in-laws. They asked,”why is it only you who has to offer a car, furniture, gold to Varun’s family where Manjari is taking all responsibilities on her and will pay by her salary?”.

This made her and Varun worried about the gift that they were supposed to get and that started my nightmare.

For the first time I heard from Poornima that,”what third class family do you belong to, don’t they have anything”.It obviously hurt me but she did not stop there. As days were passing her taunts became more sharp edged and finally a point came that I retaliated when I heard,” By adding you in this family we are doing a favor on you, you are like a piece of cow dung on our head. I asked Samay,”why am I supposed to listen to this all from a girl who never earned a penny in her life and why is this coming up now, when everyone knows in your family that I am all that I have. We will buy the car, I am commiting to you for paying for it’s instalments. Why is she talking to me in such harsh words being younger to me. What is giving her so much courage, is she not scared if your mother gets to know about it, she is mother in law to both Poornima and me.”

Samay did not reply in much words and I asked him just one question,”Why is she concerned about what all I am getting from my family?” Samay being the one who never took a stand for him self said,”Listen I can not get in between you and her and I cannot hurt my mother”. I understood his point and decided to ask the same to his mother.

My discussion with her was one sided, after I vent out all my points she had only one advise.

Samay’s mother advised,” She is a child, don’t worry, all will be fine with time. She has lot many plans for her marriage ceremony and honestly she is just worried about her day getting destroyed because you can not afford a function like her and now her parents are also questioning her. You are elder to her, you should not get angry on her. Don’t worry I will talk to her”.

I listened to every word she said and decided not to pay attention on what Poornima says. I was relaxed thinking situation will change since now the matter is with high command but my peace was for limited time and Poornima got one more taunt to add to the list of arrows to shoot me down, “you are such so political, I said everything to make you realize that you are no one to your family and you are destroying the peace of this family, why don’t you just leave if you can not match to our standard. Samay’s aunt will find a girl who is from a family that wil be equal to us and he will forget you in a few days”.

This sent me to shock that I am dead to my family for this man and he is being given options to leave me. His family is so confident that he will forget me because of the history given as I was his 31st girlfriend.

I realized that the courage Poornima has, is not because she is a bad person, it is because she is getting brain washed by our would be Mother in-law. Till now I was in assumption that all cruel mother in-laws were just in movies but reality of life slapped me so hard that I could see all those mothers in-laws in front of me even the ones who were in old movies and probably are dead by now.

A decade of my life(9) (Path of Glory but leads to the grave)

When I returned home after meeting his mom I was filled with a feeling that all mothers love their kids and support them just like she us doing ,my mother will also and with that feeling I called my mother and asked her to allow this alliance and reason of it. She suggested she wants to meet Samay and his family, so she got on a train and reached Delhi within the same week. My father was not able to come since he was in Guwahati. Samay fixed the time and picked us to meet his family,they were waiting at Samay’s residence.

Path of glory:-

Families started to talk:-

His mother initiated the conversation in a politically correct approach and obliged tone .

His mother:- I came to know about this relationship and I like this girl,she has been a part of family for a while and now they decided to get married. I accepted their decision so I want to ask your opinion about it.

My mother contributed in a sarcastic approach and polite tone.

My mother:- I also was informed by my daughter few months back and I wanted to meet you, i came here in September but there was some ritual that i am not aware of. So I could not meet you.

His mother defused the explosive thrown by mother.

His mother :- oh! Yes. Actually Samay told me about your visit, I am sorry about that incident. I am glad you came so early. Just a few days back I asked Manjari to share your number, it’s good that we can talk about it personally.

His aunts and uncle were also there accompanied by my younger brother. They also contributed to the conversation but the highlight was my mother offering them a court marriage where the whole agenda of this persuasion session with her was to get her agreeing to a bollywood lavish function that Poornima’s parents have agreed to because unless she is not officially engaged with Varun, they can not allow them to meet.

As expected no one agreed to it and meeting was adjourned. We reached home but did not give up on it because now they at least were on same page about marriage the next problem to figure out was to find a mid way to get them agreed on,”How”.

My mother left in 2 days as I have majority of siblings lives in my home town and we were figuring out the answer of,” How.

Poornima texted me with one of the option for going for a loan from a personal lender and pay off in small installment with interest. I won’t lie I was desperate. I discussed it with Samay in the morning and Varun knew a lender so he borrowed money on my behalf and as they were sure that I will get half of the amount back as Shagun and can pay half of it back in one go. I was confident this might work because all that was happening till now was a game of risks. As planned I did not tell my parents about paying anything in the engagement ceremony and pretended Samay’s family is supportive in this alliance, which based on circumstances is evident. My mother did not appose a function that was to make the relationship official for Poornima and Varun more than Samay and me. My father and sister and youngest brother were about to meet my inlaws for the first time today at my engagement ceremony, there was no time because they arrived 2 days back and then I had to take my sister to shopping because my mother in law was very much worried about my family not being “Presentable”.

Led to Grave:-

I could not sleep till very late the night before my engagement worrying about next day and the chores yet to be finished. After getting a few arrangements done and sharing the instructions to finish rest to my brothers and sister, I left to get in to my engagement attire and ready for the function. It was my first experience of getting my make up done by a professional make up artist and I already had a lot to be worried about than my make up because I was constantly getting calls from home about one thing or the other from how the Shagun will reach at the venue to how my family will reach there. I remember a moment when the make up artist was so annoyed by my requests to stop while she was applying lipstick that she put the brush and said,”Take 2 Minutes” and left for a while. She still did an awesome job, I never looked so beautiful.

I gave a hard time to that make up artist, she was annoyed that I kept asking her to keep the make up a little light. I believe she could see my struggle of getting everything done without being noticed.

One of my friend drove my parents and my siblings to the venue of engagement ceremony so they were already there and I reached after them with Poornima,we both were getting engaged today and were together since morning. I envied her being in so much peace, I mean she did not have to pick any call, her brother picked us from beauticians,her sister in law taking care of her belongings and here I am walking down towards aisle to my fiancé on my own.

I saw my sister standing in a corner,I walked up to her and grabbed her arm in mischievous manner as she does not like to be under the spotlight. She smiled in her secret way which makes no difference on lips just her eye brows go up and down. She walked with me on through the aisle and I saw Samay offering his hand towards me to come up those two stairs between him and me.

I can say that I was happy that is because I saw some of the expressions on my face for the first time when I looked at those photographs and videos of that event.

Finally the day was over and apart from a few comments among each other no drama happened during the ceremony. After all guests left my mother reached to my mother in law and said,”Now we give our daughter to you because she is dead for us fom here on. This was our responsibility so we became a part of this charade, its over. We will meet at the wedding,inform us about that also as this one”.

And with that I was put in a grave while I was breathing but that did not go in vain because a part of me did die.

When you are stuck in some bad situation or bad feeling or feel lost, defeated you go to your home, see all those old walls of your living room where you drew your dream, that study table where you completed many projects, wrote your journal and you get charged up to run towards your fainted dreams. I lost that, I felt like I died and there is no one to claim my body neither any one is reporting the police and I am lying dead on a street with my eye open.

A Decade of my life(8)Cinderella and Fog all around.

Poornima and Varun were walking on the bed of burning coals and that was their reason to offer me help and pushing me to start convincing my parents to agree for marriage.

Cinderella story:-

Poornima is the second child and only daughter of his perents, her brother was married and worked out of Delhi. She has a sister in law and her parents whom she lives with.

Her parents got to know about her and Varun and were not happy. She was beaten at home due to it and was grounded for couple of days. Varun was not able to get in touch with her because her parents took her phone away. She contacted him one day from a friend’s phone when she got to go to college on a condition that her dad will drop her and pick her up back from there. As a retired army person, he did have time. She cried a lot over the call, Varun reached to see her at college and they figured one and only solution to it.

They rushed to meet Varun and Samay’s mom, Varun explained the condition and declared his care and emotions to his mother that she agreed to meet and talk to Poornima’s parents and get them engaged. She did talk to them first over the call and upon discussion about family a point came about Varun’s elder brother and his marriage and that is where the arrow was shot pointing at us.

In India it is kind of a big deal for relatives if the younger sibling is getting settled before elder one, there must be a reason and they love to know it. Not only that it can be a wrong reason if they don’t buy it.

So when all the members of family discussed it and found that i might be required in this charade, I was invited to lunch to be involved which I was not in condition of.

I really appreciated Varun that instead of behaving like his elder brother, he took charge on the situation and was working to fix it before it becomes bigger. On the other hand Samay made the situation more tricky for us because he freaked out and now it is getting freakier.

I explained my condition to Samay that I can not get my family convinced to get me married in few months. He conveyed the information to rest.

Fog all around:-

I was firm about my decision and was a bit unhappy that I am being pressurized for something that should be well thought out decision, instead of a hasty one. Meanwhile Poornima contacted me to know if I talked to my family. Which I did not and I said the same.

She started coming up with ideas to initiate the discussion with my parents and how I should stand with my choice, my future. Some tricks of hunger strikes and traps to get them to Delhi.

I resisted it a bit because I was not comfortable I asked Samay many times this week to get thus stopped. It is end of the day because I know him. I finally vent it out,”I can not take this pressure, when I reach hone after a night shift I start getting her texts and I can not talk because I am tried. I do not want to be rude to her but it is insane! please stop it.” Samay understood this I guess and said he will take care if it, but that did not happen. I was not ready to talk to any one in his family right now because all that I was a part of till now is discussion between us kids, where is his mother? Why is he not suggesting his mother to talk to mine because I did my part few months back already. Between all these questions I was also reviving text that needed me to answer in detail of, did I talk to my parents, if not then why, then when will i talk to them and then a long trail of texts about, how I should start and what should I say and what they might say and then what I should say on that ,”they might say” Stage play. Aaaaagggghhhhh. I could understand her point that she is stuck at home and is not able to go out at her will, not allowed to talk over the phone, had to wear cloths from tip to toe and carry a short skirt in college bag to change in college.

I understand she was being tortured by her father, he got her admission in sports also,ohh that man wanted her to join boxing for self defense. Mother who wanted her to learn to cook good food along with her education! A brother who sends her pocket money to buy her clothes and cosmetics when the money given by father was over.All this was something I did not get, so I was not sure what is the issue. Why will she suddenly become a burden on all of them,or how is it possible that they are being so harsh on her. I mean why will her sister in law will accuse her that Poornima might kill her unborn child, why did she want Poornima to leave that home as fast as possible?

I had many question but then I also left my home when I was being forced to marry, I was in no condition to ask many of them to her.

Between all this tale of her life she was also active to collect information from Samay’s mother and even one of his aunt, who I did not even meet yet. Based on her new gathered details Samay was being convinced by his aunt, (who is his father’s only sister and is a well settled and financially most stable member of this family).

She had a few marriage proposals for Samay and between some discussion she shared with Poornima,” Oh She is from a small town and backward family, if her parents don’t agree, they will probably get her back to home with them and in a few days Samay will be fine and we will find him a girl of our caste and society”.

She was not wrong,I knew this was possible that they will get me back home and I did not want that. I decided to talk to my mother once again and she raised question, “Are you the only one who wants it, why is no one from his family talk about it?”. She had a valid point. I asked Samay, what to say now?. Next thing I know I was in his car and we were going to meet his mom.

A decade of my life(7) Cryptic signs, A pause and A bargain.↔🚫💍

Every one of us at one point in life has a fantasy of being like a movie star, mostly the ones we have crush on, I was also functioning like couple of my favourite actresses. I was crying all night after the brake up and in couple of days it led to a shot where i start eating ice cream with a serving spoon directly from the ice cream tub.

Cryptic signs and a Bargain:-

Suddenly I started to understand a few songs more than they actually meant and felt that everything and everyone on this planet is reminding me of Samay in a cryptic way.

Meanwhile he tried to contact me many times but I did not receive any calls or replied to any text. I was already at a point where I was questioning my decision but then I had the doubt,what if it is out of his compulsive liar streak”. However his consistency did melt my heart( I am not sure if heart was an issue here) and I decided to accept his offer to meet him once.

He picked me from home and we head towards a food joint, we came here many times before. He explained about that text that,”she has been the reason that couple of my relationship ended badly, she contacts my girl friend and says so many things that my relationship gets ruined and that I why I do not want her to know about you unless we are together forever”. I also put my point,” My mother went back with an opinion that my partner is a liar and that hurt me. How do you think this will end up if any day our mothers discuss it? They will meet each other if we are together”. His words sounded like he means them all when he said, ” Listen I know I screwed up but I know we can make this work. I am sorry that I freaked out but I want it work, believe me”.

His bowed head in front of me with guilt on his face was not something that could make me happy for long, I somewhere did feel the pain was relieved because he knows what went wrong and was initiating to put efforts to make it work. So we decided to make it work and now we both were happy.

A pause and a dreamy wedding :-🚫👰🏻🤵🏻

We were spending our days between job and few evening drives based on our schedule. We were happy where we were in our relationship and wanted to take a bit time before we take it to next step, but still wanted to stay together. We discussed what was going on in our life and how it can effect us positive or negative. Meanwhile his younger brother started a Pub in a posh area in west Delhi. Samay also worked with him along with his brother Varun and his business partner Aniket. We used to meet there when Samay had to be at work on my week off, Varun was more active in getting the deals dine over the call or had to meet clients outside sometimes. I also enjoyed visiting him there in exclude the music. I was more in to classical or songs with lyrics that have meanings. On one of my visit to the pub, I saw varun with a girl and it did not look like that she was a customer. Samay told me, she is Poornima, his girl friend. Till now Samay did not tell me that Varun broke up with the girl he told me about when we initially met, so I was surprised a bit. His answer cleared that doubt and I smiled at her when Varun was leaving to drop her home. She is a student of second year in social science, she was supposed to be at college. She was beautiful and was a bit reserved, that is what I figured as we did not talk much, no one introduced us for couple of weeks. That day also arrived and I got to know that we will for lunch after a long drive to murthal Sukhdev Dhaba which is out of Delhi and took around 2 hours for us to reach there. We had food and clicked pictures and discussed our future. It was not a comfortable topic for me because Samay and I had decided to put a rest on Marriage discussion again, because first one did not go pretty. I was listening to there planning and it sounded a bit of out of my capacity in terms of finance also as well as to the expectation picture being drawn in front of me. Varun and Poornima offered if we 4 can married at the same day which will save a lot of cost, but still that bollywood wedding was giving me chills because I knew I have not saved so much and sent most of my income to my home. I had a lot to handle already and I was finding my feet again. After a long time I was focusing on my work and was promoted to quality team in a Canadian real state outsource company and this is not happening so soon. I doubted their intention of helping me because it sounded like, they have some clock tucking. I did not make any one uncomfortable by putting my point but could not wait reaching home back and clear my doubts with Samay.

We reached home and I asked surprisingly,”why are they in so much hurry of getting married, they are just kids, one is in college and one just started the business a few months back? They don’t need to sacrifice their dreamy wedding to upgrade mine, may be at this point I am not ready for it.”

I was un aware till this moment that I met Princess Cinderella today and she has a story also.

A decade of my life (6) Egg Curry🥘,A friendly advise 😇and a single fiance 🤵🏻.

Couple of months of this love saga went so amazing that I closed my eyes about many flaws that the people who I loved were invisible to me. I loved my mother and now Samay was also a part of this list.

Finally I decided to share his position in my list to my mother and it did not go the way I imagined. She was furious but same time was willing to meet him also. I was happy because my take away from not so pleasant conversation was that she wanted to meet him. I got the arrangements done for her to visit me in Delhi. She reached two days before my special day. I thought my special day can never be destroyed by mother because I had faith she loved me more than the society’s rules because they were made by brains and our relationship was more about heart.

Egg Curry:- 🥚🥘

Finally that day arrived when Samay and my mother were in the same room.

It was my birthday next day in 21st September 2012. He came home and I introduced him to my mother. They started talking and I was nervous. My mother asked him if she can talk to his mom to which he replied that she does not meet anyone in this month. In Indian culture an entire month is dedicated to the deceased one’s (Ancestors) and I was happy to accept that reason but not my mother because I was in love with him, not my mother. Samay just like his mother was an awesome cook and he thought to impress her by the same tactic. So I gathered all the ingredients that he asked for to cook egg curry.

Now here goes the first hint by God that I should open my eyes but love sees beyond the eyes so forgets what is closer.

Actually based on the same ritual of this one month for ancestors,”No Non-vegetarian” curfew is declared all over the country among “Hindu Families”, Samay should not cook egg and my mother should not agree to eat it. She did not eat but my brother are more concerned about the feelings one who is still breathing(due respect to the departed ones).

I did not think about it much that he tries to show the care for his deceased father, he mention he was emotional when he drank on his father’s death anniversary and I think me being understanding about it what I should have done, so I did.

My fiance is Single:-🎩

One of the above point was put by my mother before she left from Delhi and ended as,his mother denied to meet mother of her future sister in law knowing that she lives in a different city in this month and he cooked egg? Is he ignorant about his father or mother or both?!.

She left and I got some time to think, I wanted to share my doubts and get some clarity and within a week he made another mistake.

One of his ex texted him and his reply was that he is “single”.

I shared this with Akriti and tried to lift this mountain of pain I was feeling. She did helo with a few practical advises but I was still focused on the pain my heart had than using my brain to find a way out of it.

A Friendly advise:-🎬

It did not help much due to my personality issue that I can not get peace unless I confront the person causing me distress and gained access to a larger area in my brain than deserves. He was forcing me to activate my brain cells that I use when I am angry and that is a wrong move end of the he should have consider that my own mother is not a big fan of me,”There must be a reason”.

I had to discuss it but before that I needed clarity on other things also and I confined in one more person of his friend circle- Anuj.

I shared the “egg curry” and “reason of mom not meeting mom” points and than also that “my almost fiance is single”. He being his friend defended him but then being my friend he did share few old stories of Samay to help me understand him what he is not yet to me. I kind of was aware of his “Compulsive lier” disorder, reason why he is show off of things that belonged to his relatives and couple more but I found them not so important till I realized how I was his 31st girlfriend, it could not work, it would not work.

I confronted Samay and paid my best attention to his explanations but now I was not dependent on heart to find a future for this relationship, my brain knew there is only a dead end,it is on me how long I was to walk on this road which will lead me to nowhere.

So I stopped walking and ended the relationship very same day. I got out of his car and walked towards my home.

A Decade of my life (5) Number of breads and a Social gathering.

In debt for life:-

Thank you for keeping up with the journey. It filled my heart with joy when I heard from some one supporting me who I am a fan of and her fans supporting me.

Number of breads:-🍞🍛

After getting approval of extended family there comes the turn of getting approved by the blood bonds. Samay visited me with a tiffin of home cooked food one day and my god ! that was yummy and as mentioned by him was cooked by his mommy. He left that tiffin with me and I planned on cooking something and returning the box with that but it turned out Samay had a better plan. One of his extended family member Anuj was meeting him as a part of planning that was going on for an official engagement ceremony for Gaurav and Shally 💍, So he picked me from home and we reached Samay’s home. I was nervous, which is obvious as I was about to meet my future mother-in-law. I kept on rubbing my palms and checking if I am looking traditional enough for her to at least like me. I wore my favourite Indian dress, tied my hair properly. The heaviest moment just arrived, Anuj left no stone unturned in making me more nervous. (He is a little mischievous). I entered the house and greeted Samay’s Mom, she looked at me and that made me more nervous. Samay sensed it and found a way out by showing me his room. Samay, Anuj and I were in his room, he tried to calm me down. His mother came in with a plate of food for him but it did not have the one that I cooked. She served him a curry and a bread and few pieces of onion and left the room, we started to discuss about engagement. She came back after couple minutes and asked,” How many more breads will you need more?”. This kind of stopped me from having a bite from his plate but I was already a fan of her cooking. His younger brother came in the room and mean while Anuj and Samay shared couple stories about there childhood together and about this home that they are living in. It was a rented one and had a walk in closet kind of place which was Samay’s room.

I liked it, I used to live in a store room when I was in my hometown. I never got my room in my childhood home and now I live in an apartment of one room and drawing room with a kitchen and not shared bathroom. I was proud of my achievement.

Finally when his food was over we left to meet Gaurav and I was relieved. Its not that any one made me feel uncomfortable from Samay’s family, just that I was very nervous inside that house.

A social gathering :-🃏♦♣♠♥🍻

I was living in East Delhi that time and he lived in west, so it was kind of time consuming to reach to meet each other so we found a way out. He helped me to find a home near his and I found a job in that direction. Rahul used to live just in the next building and his father was very helpful when we were looking for the house.

It was the month of may and was summer vacation of my brother so he came to spend that time with me. It was 4th may when he reached Delhi and also it was Samay’s father’s death anniversary. He had a pooja(ritual for the peace of soul of the one passed on other side) that I was unaware of untill he told me when he met me that day. My brother reached home and also Samay’s friends. Samay came a little late and told me the reason. His friends came with few games, I heard about them only in movies and that makes it obvious I was not good in them. They are kind of called,”High society” games because no one in a middle class family teaches their kids to gamble. It was business. Samay came with few bottles of booze and that sort of boiled my blood. In Indian middle class family booze is not normal on these kind of days but news flash- I am dealing with a High society people now.

I never cared about differences based on caste, culture or color, or else why would i be in relationship with some one who was not of the caste i was born in. All I cared about human and inhuman difference till now, but all of that got a shock of new discrimination based on clothes, brands and some social norms that felt kind of inhuman to me but I realized that I jumped into it on my own and will have to deal with the punch on my face by High society rules because they change on the basis of convenience.

A decade of my life (4) Extended family

Like many of you I also started to see unicorns & rainbows as I fell in love, however there are some other aspects as you might know for a love story to reach to happy endings.

Universe has plans for all of us:- 🍸

When I ran away from my home town looking for a better life there was a part of my life that I left behind,”My Friends”. I was part of a trio since 9th standard, before any twist came in my life. The life I started in Delhi was filled with ambition and professional relations which means a part of my life was locked but that salt shaker, as mentioned in last part of story brought lot more than rainbow of love.

Samay, had to leave office in the middle of training due to a back injury that he had since his 12th standard ( what he told all of us). I was feeling like I lost something before I could call it mine but when universe makes a plan for you, it gets executed without fail.

Texting relationship:- 🍸

Two days when Samay left office for his surgery, we had no contact but my heart which was wounded by his glare at me wanted to see him. I got his number from Pankhuri and texted,” I hope you are fine and will be back soon to office. Take care of you”. He replied,” yes I am fine. Surgery is done. Thank you for the concern, I will try to be back soon”. I was indeed happy to hear back from him. And there starts a texting relationship. We texted each other multiple times that week and he mentioned that he might not join the office back as his family is concerned for his health. I was not sad hearing it because I was in contact with him frequently. It did take 2 weeks for me to see him again and the next time I saw him he took me out to meet his friends.

11 tequila shots:- 🍸

I was happy that I am finally meeting a few people who are not working with me, people I can laugh with or have fun with. Samay picked me from my rented apartment and while the drive to friend’s location he mentioned importance of his friends and their approval for me. My happy heart started beating slightly faster but I was excited also because I could relate to it.

We reached Ambiance Mall in south Delhi and walked towards Chillies (food and drink joint) after parking his car. There were 5 people waiting for us- Gaurav&Shally (engaged to get married), Akriti and Anuj ( in love and about to be engaged) and Rahul(only single in group now as Samay already announced to them us being together).

I received a very warm welcome from each of them which put my heart back to a happy zone. We talked a lot and had food, some of it was so new to me that I could not even pronounce their name. I always missed the part I left behind being in a girl trio and I saw this beautiful soul that I fell in love with named Akriti, living her life to the fullest, enjoying with her partner and talking with so much innocence. I had alcohol before that day also but whenever she asked for shots, I joined her. It led us to a situation where we ended up having 11 tequila shots and I can say the one with 3 was Shally and I was equal to Akriti. I still remember both of us getting out of the mall walking towards Taj hotel’s Cafe Coffee day outlet, my hand was around her neck and her’s around my waist. We were supporting each other walking and laughing on the top of our lungs. ( Even I have no idea, who goes to CCD after hard drinks).

Finally the evening ended and Samay drove me to my apartment. He unlocked the door and put me on my bed. I held one of the buttons of his shirt which kind of put him in situation that he bent over me. I whispered in his ears,”I love you”. He kissed my forehead and asked if I can lock the door. I did walk with him towards the door and closed it. Reached back to my bed and passed out.

Next day when he called me, I got to know that I got approved by his extended family.

A decade of my life-(3) (💓Love finds it’s way)

So as i was telling you-

This new job for sure made me happy in terms of money, I had no idea there was something else coming my way. Let’s back up a little.

It was my first day at job and since in a BPO first day is all about introduction of the company. I saw this guy sitting across this table where we all were gathered to learn about the company and the product we had to sell over the phone to people living in Australia.

That spin:- 🖊

I remember him wearing a white T-shirt with a colorful guitar on it. He wore cargo pants which was gray and had a Brown jacket on him. It was 29th January 2014. I was kind of a professional and did not like his appearance since I found that casual.

For God’s sake, it was his first day at work! But I did like him for some unknown reason. He had a pen in his hand and was spinning it on the table while our process trainer was explaining about Australian culture through a video. At first I was avoiding my irritation but my irritation kept on speeding up with each spin. So finally I knocked on the table with the tip of my finger,loud enough for him to hear but not so loud to disturb the batch. He looked at me and I hinted him to stop the spins, with a gaze on the pen. He did stop. That was our first encounter.

A little salt:-

On the second day of training a couple of tests were lined up for us from the material we were trained on first day and god help me, Samay (name is changed but initial is same) did not prepare much. He was kind of casual but I guess I was looking for a bit casual life since I was all about the boring stuff. I reached office on time, no delays in coming back from brakes, standing in right posture in front of seniors, wearing formals. I took a lot of pressure on my tini-tiny brain and heart of mine.

So after the first session of training we got out first breakfast brake. We all left for cafeteria with other trainees. Sonal, Pankhuri and I got the food served and we headed towards a table. Sonal sat next to me and Pankhuri stayed back to get the tissue papers.

She came to the table along with Samay and we sat right in front of me, which did was a bit awkward for me due to what I did to him in the question answer round in training room. I slammed him on almost all the wrong answers he gave while the revision session 😋. Now we both were face to face and I gave my best to avoid any eye contact by talking to Pankhuri and Sonal. We started to eat and when he found us not paying much attention to him, he mentioned ,”I think I need some salt, don’t you?” he asked Pankhuri. We 3 did not need salt, so he got up and came back with a salt shaker. He sat on the chair again and twisted his wrist to add a bit salt on his food but his bad luck was following his here also as it did in training room. The salt shaker had a loose cap, due to which it fell in the curry with all the salt that was in the bottle. I could not resist my laugh and let me share that I was scolded by my mother about the volume I reach to when I laugh. It was so loud that almost half of the cafeteria heard me, which led to a situation where everyone looked at us once and started giggling. He looked at me without a blink with a smile on his face, which initially looked embarrassed but with each second passing by his expression changed and got me conscious. I felt a bit nervous for the first time in front of him. It is needless to say that from this moment on we both registered each other in our life. That look, oh my god! That salt shaker did make my life spicy. 🍱