How an Explainer video can help your business. Do you wonder how to explain all your services to the audience in 1 minute? Animated Video explainers grab the attention of the viewers and stick in the memory for long. If I just mention ,”Red Bull” You can see the man flying with wings without the advertisement playing on your screen. At Whiteboardcats,Continue reading “How an Explainer video can help your business.”

Benefits of coffee on Skin.

HiSo are you also in love with the indulging aroma of coffee? Well if you are you will love this product for sure. Do you know that applying coffee to the skin is highly beneficial in terms of reducing the appearance of cellulite and help the blood flow for radiant skin? Benefits:- Coffee scrub onContinue reading “Benefits of coffee on Skin.”

Big Savings with Big Bazar

Let me help you to save some money before this month gets over, with the offers on grocery food and personal care products.

A Healthy Drink.

To keep the immune system working in your favour, latch on to the gifts given to all of us by mother nature. I keep me going with a tea spoon of blessing packed in this bottle.  To keep yourself healthy click on the link below.

Watch “How to pose for screenshots.” on YouTube HiSo do you also sometimes wish there was someone to capture a few moments, just after you got all dressed up.Those few initial minutes when you just admire your choice and love looking at you in the mirror. Well here is the solution to this now, Let me show you how. Click on theContinue reading “Watch “How to pose for screenshots.” on YouTube”

Watch “Mehndi design and poses for Teej” on YouTube

India is a country with many religions and beliefs and together we have many festivals though out the of those festival is Teej.It is celebrated to welcome the monsoon and is celebrated by women and girls. Family members feed sweets to the bride and bless her for the future.Brides wear the jewellary madeContinue reading “Watch “Mehndi design and poses for Teej” on YouTube”

My Favourite WEB/TV Shows.

I know by the title we all of it many of you will jump on to the answer, “FRIENDS ” which is not entirely incorrect. I was introduced to this show by a friend and now even when that friend is not in touch anymore, I feel the presence because that friend made sure IContinue reading “My Favourite WEB/TV Shows.”

Watch “Self Portrait Ideas. Poses with Sky.” on YouTube

It was lovely weather that day. A little windy but do you see the sky and the shades of blue.I enjoyed a lot while recording this one.let me know when you try to click pictures with sky. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mahi (@sheiscreative_everyday)

Watch “Indoor Photography ideas” on YouTube

Hey How are you doing!I hope that the Sunday morning gave you the opportunity to have that one hour of extra sleep that we miss entire week. Let’s be honest,No matter how strictly you make aplan to sleep half of your Sunday out, It gets so tough to sleep above just one extra hour. IContinue reading “Watch “Indoor Photography ideas” on YouTube”

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