This festival season,Make the special ones feel more special.

When ever its festival time there is one thing specific I pay attention towards. Gifts for my loved ones. Everyone has their own way of expressing the love for their special people. Each one is different and we share a whole lot different bond with each, So it’s important to keep in mind it’s not some thing of their choice or yours. It has to be something that you share and will cherish for years. Make your memories when you have time so that you have some one to join in your fun stories on a family and friends lunch day in the festival season or any day when you just look at those presents carrying some past with them to exist for long in future.

Here are few of my choices, I hope you like them too.

Best of Luck:-

In India it is a festival season which started on the First day of Navratri, and is a Nine days long celebration. It’s end welcomes the celebration of next few months as it is the starting of auspicious time and is considered good time to get married or Engaged and for new starting in Business. When it comes to a new beginning what is better than a figurine of Lord Ganesha for saying,”Best of luck”.

Lets spread the brightness:-

I know if we are friends, we share some of the common hobbies that force us to mess up with things and make them look what we call “Beautiful”, So I choose the lights that can be used even when the festival season is over and as you can see there are really many ways to lighten up the room with the warm thoughtful gift of someone with a little bit hint of your craft love. Accessories for your Garden or Balcony or lighten up the Hallway, Just do it in your own way.

Its Past Presents and Future:-

What is better than photographs to have a tiny display of those big moments, we captured to cherish. Sometimes it’s not necessary to be in that click to remind someone about you, it is also when they see their special moment through your eyes, spend some time in a local market or find them online on sites,like I found few of them for you on Amazon. You can find other options too by clicking on images.

This is how you say,”I care”:-

So lets talk about some things to be thankful for, I hope you read one of my previous post about the plants and their power of air purification. It’s a beautiful gift for some one who loves gardening or for some one whom you want to help to breathe fresh air. A Lucky Bamboo is a famous Feng Shui plant for home decor and for health and prosperity. There is a vast variety of Bonsai plants also that you can choose from on Amazon as above clicks.

Happy Gifting, Make the festival season more Special for those who are Special to you.

Wishes Come True

I visited a hill station named Ranikhet, in Utterakhand India. Jhuladevi temple.  Its one of those faith driven customs in India to offer god with a Bell of Brass at temple when their  wish turns into reality. Trust makes any thing happen and along with belief, they trusted their efforts and walked in direction of their dreams with hope in heart to achieve it.
This Picture is Taken outside the temple and by the number of bells I can say,lot many wishes came true.

Hey they did it.
They make us also believe, and have faith that there is some one up there to take care of us even when we don’t.

We all are believers and we all discovered a hide out behind a shield of  something totally unbelievably crazy and ineffably real.

John Di Lemme said,” Faith Doesn’t make sense That’s why is makes Miracles.”

 Available on Amazon

You might like this book. Why not first start to read some of the quotes on internet and when you get an evening free when you just want to spend time with the one person you ignore the most,”You”. Get a cup of coffee and hop on your couch with the book in your hand.

Happy Reading.

Let’s bring them Home.

This busy life does not give us chance to be close to nature but, we have made our way to every thing in our own style so why not use our method to bring nature close to us. 

We all are aware of what is going around about the oxygen level in the air we breath. Mother nature made sure to take care of us in every major and minor possible way to be able to Survive. Let’s explore a bit about few small things we can do about this and make a big difference individually for all of us. There are some plants we are blessed with qualities like Air Purifiers and they fit any where

Snake Plant :- It is also known as Mother-In-law’s tongue, and my god its is such a blessing as Hey,it includes the word Mother.

Find them on Amazon by just a click on Image

 Its coverts CO2 in to oxygen in night. It is the best plant to keep indoors and its very easy to find in any nearby Nursery or Even online on many websites as Amazon, Ferns and Petals and few others as well. It eradicates the presence of other harmful gases around due to multiple electronic devices around, as Benzene, Xylene, formaldehyde and provides and clean fresh air to breathe. It is beautiful to keep indoor as decor for their snake pattern, that gives and intriguing look. 

Rosemary:- It’s a Beautiful plant with the quality for which we do not need to pay for one more electronic device to breathe fresh air.It is easy to grow from a stem as well and need just a little sun light to will be amazing decor for your window or Balcony. They are useful even in the Kitchen. Few exotic recipes include rosemary in their ingredients and garnishing. Do not over water them, when you care extra it’s not right in any case. 

I also found few of them online, To bring them home all you need to do is click on the Image.

Golden Pothos :- The best part of this plant is that it can grow in soil and also swims its way in water. 

It is easy to grow from its stem also. It is a mesmerizing feeling when you wake up in the morning and when you pick your phone from the side table of your bed where you have a golden Pothos plant that you planted in one of your favorite  glass bottle that you liked just for its design or print or just because you its curves did not let you throw it, or may be just for your love for the liquid it belonged to. Is it not a nice way to start the day by seeing what you started with and how big its growing each day. 

You may click on Images to find these online.

Aloe Vera :- In Ancient Egypt it was none as Plant of Mortality. 

We are aware of so many qualities of this plant when we talk about skin care or hair care But Do you know it is one the Plants approved by NASA as the best house plants to have indoors due to its power to purify the air around. It is used for many other medical reasons in decease related to stomach. Present of this Plant in your house will slowly let you know, why It is the plant of Mortality. 

Click on image to find out where to get them from.

We think we might not be able to make a difference alone but what if we all once become a bit more concerned about our selves and do something just for us. Just for our breath and its easy too. 

I Hope you get one of these plants in your house soon and all they need from you is what they are giving you. When you will compare It, they need it less than what they give to use,” Care”. 

World is a Garden.

These beautiful flowers make me smile and fill my heart with an unknown satisfaction. obviously it has been proven by scientists in many researches among billions of people that what we see effects our brain indirectly.
These flowers they are not even planted in any fancy pot they are there in the wild which is why its more satisfying to see a flower in between weeds.
That’s is how life expects us to be, have our identity and embracing what makes us different and gain our confidence from that.
These are the small things However I am not sure if they are small things what are we all struggling to achieve.
They survive in the wild with ease.

  1. Nature has a lot to offer, more than water, air, food. There is a reason why we call her “Mother Nature”.

I loved clicking this picture of White Flower with the raindrop on it. The most amazing part of rain is that it freshen ups the faded color of all these mesmerizing creations of God.

Yellow, Pink, Green. Mother nature made sure to brake any monotony.

It survived in the Wild.

It is not an amazing view of these red flowers in front of a cottage door.

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