My Favourite WEB/TV Shows.

I know by the title we all of it many of you will jump on to the answer, "FRIENDS " which is not entirely incorrect.  I was introduced to this show by a friend and now even when that friend is not in touch anymore, I feel the presence because that friend made sure I am never alone again. 
Yes!FRIENDS is one of my favourite shows but if and whenever I have to name just one of them, it has to be,"How I Met Your Mother".

I have watched many shows and web series since the first episode of HIMYM however, I have never come across something so beautiful and diabolical. The sensitivity that Ted shows while reciting the love saga of his own to his kids, is so hilarious when he explains the adult stuff as Cigarettes to Sandwich.

Ted for me has always been a guy who is a woman also and actually, that is a key concern for both the leading characters that Robin is a girl who is a man also and that is where it all messed up for a few years.

It was so beautiful when at the end finally the Mosby Kids, enlighten Ted of something that was always in the spotlight just that it was too much in focus that the easiest way to handle that all was to close eyes for something that is shining so brightly that it blinded him for years.

I can talk about the characters of ally favourite shows without stopping for a breath but when it comes to Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson, it is just silence. I will pick up the Barney stuff some other day like today it was about this amazing guy and his quest for the love that was with him all along.

Any HIMYM fans here?
If yes, let me know in the comments if you agree.
Take care of yourself and don't wait up because life is," Legendary".

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